Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ice House

8x10 Oil on Board
My 'go to' plein air spot.


Barbara Muir said...

Love this. It reminds me of the old "ice house" at the cottage I used to go to as a child. Was this the place where they kept the ice before refrigeration? It was at our very old cottage. Such a cool thing to see in the modern world. Love the painting.

XO Barbara

martinealison said...

Un charmant endroit... Des couleurs très vivifiantes.
Une très belle peinture.
Gros bisous

CrimsonLeaves said...

Looking so wonderfully full of spring too! Love the light in this piece.

Angela Sullivan said...

So beautiful this painting.

Ellen Friel, NEWS, CA said...

Why does this look so FAMILIAR! LOL!
Hugs! E

Ellen Friel, NEWS, CA said...

Why does this painting look so FAMILIAR? LOL!
Hugs, E