Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Swim Platform

5x7 Oil on Panel


Denise R said...

I love the look of the water in your latest paintings with water in colorful!

Barbara M. said...

Great feeling of water, light, and the actual experience of swimming.


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Karen, I don't wonto to disturb... maybe you wont no comment, but I can't resist to say that you are great!
Normally there is only few woman painting, that give me this force and feeling like by you,
your art of expression is my favourite art, I don't know if a can say to you you are an expressive painter, maybe you define yourself in other way,
anyway you are so great

thank you for share your picture, and now i continue to see your art in silent

Marie Theron said...

She feels cool now! The figure down there in the bottom leads to an interesting composition!

Becky Joy said...

Love the water and swimmer paintings.

Martha Cowan said...

Unbelievable brushstrokes!

Sandra Galda said...

takes me right there! Excellent!

Nicolás Meza said...

hey see my apinting in my blog