Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog Award

Sunshine award given to me by Bonnie Heather.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for the award! I have posted your link on my blog today. It is nice to have you back interacting with everyone again and your paintings are even more beautiful than before (didn't think that was possible).

Ann Rogers said...

Karen, a big thank you for the Sunshine Award! Will eventually get it posted on my blog. Appreciate all your positive comments. Glad to see you are enjoying your new studio!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you for the Sunshine Award -- a joyous sight on a snowy, grey day. And especially wonderful from someone who paints sunshine so beautifully.

Take care,


L.Holm said...

Thanks very much, Karen!

Dana Cooper said...

Thanks so much Karen...I'm flattered to be included with such a great group of artists!
Sorry I am late in responding...no computer for the last 5 days.